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History Of The Brand

History Of The Brand

Traditional African churches make up more than 45% of the Christian community in South Africa. Yet these churches have been sorely underrepresented in the public broadcasting sphere. As the biggest music industry in South Africa, the gospel industry also fell short of offering a dedicated platform for traditional local churches. DUMISATV was created in answer to the growing need of Traditional African churches to be heard, seen and recognized for being the powerful social catalysts they are.

DUMISATV provides a voice and a platform for African Traditional religious churches to showcase themselves, their music and their beliefs. DUMISATV gives a unique insight into African Traditional church culture and airs the most popular churches from the region.

The channel launched on the 13th of November 2012 on channel 340 on the DStv Compact and Premium bouquets. Immediate challenges were how the channel would be received and whether the channel would attract the anticipated target audience. Since its launch, the channel has performed exceptionally well, steadily growing a healthy viewership to reflect a diverse range of churches. Today, DUMISA’s mandate to showcase and represent African Traditional churches remains more relevant than ever, with its vision spearheaded by a team of dedicated people.

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