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The DUMISATV website offers a direct way for African Traditional churchgoers to interact with the channel and each other. The African Traditional church segment is a vibrant, passionate and intimate community, where members live their religion daily and proudly. Advertising on the DUMISATV website allows your brand to become integrated in the Dumisa lifestyle and the associated brand intrinsic. By advertising on the Dumisa website, you are talking directly to Dumisa viewers. Dumisa viewers have a specific affinity and trust for the channel, which advertisers can tap into through associated advertising opportunities.

According to recent statistics (DStv-i 03/03/2013), Dumisa has a daily viewership of 17 435 viewers extrapolated to a P7D viewership of 122 045.

55% of Dumisa viewers are female and 45% male. 98% of Dumisa viewers are Black, 1% White and 1% Coloured. 18% of viewers are between the ages of 15 and 24, 20% are 25 to 49, 22% are between the ages of 35 and 49 and 17% of viewers are 50+. 44% of Dumisa viewers are isiZulu speakers and 20% speak English. 26% of our viewers are Venda and Ndebele speakers, while 8% of viewers speak isiXhosa.

The DUMISATV website is a digital community of people who share the same interests, value system and moral perspectives. Viewers access DUMISATV through either the DStv Compact or Premium offering, which places them in the middle- to high-income bracket. What binds them together is a deep spirituality and sense of community. Dumisa viewers typically partake in religious activities every weekend, with families often attending religious gatherings as a group. As such, family values are of high importance.

African Traditional churches hold African tradition in high regard and seek cultural relevance in religious ceremonies. African Traditional churches seamlessly merge African traditional practices with modern Christianity, creating a system of beliefs that speaks to young and old alike. Praise and worship are integral to services, with joyful and exuberant worship uplifting the spirits of the group as a whole.

As a community, DUMISATV viewers are moved by matters of the heart and spirit, and form a deep connection with like-minded souls. Although some notable differences exist between the offerings of the various church formations, a sense of shared Christianity and Christian principles binds them to the channel and to each other.

Brands that access the Dumisa channel and website have the unique opportunity to become engrained in a community that shares values, lifestyles choices and who have a particularly high regards for family values, wholesomeness and living a positive, meaningful life.

For more information, please download the rate card here or contact our sales team (details provided on the rate card). You can also reach us via the Contact Us page.

Download the Dumisa Website Ratecard

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